Mobility the new IT support model

So your finally moving into the new era of mobile first, but have you considered everything that it is or will become?

Years ago I wrote a paper on the smartphone as a paper for my college telecom class. I had only been working with Blackberrys for about a couple of years, but we had IPaqs and palm pilots. I thought why wouldn’t these fantastic devices make great phones and if they were inexpensive who wouldn’t buy them. I got an A on my thesis but my instructor called it a great fantasy.

Fast forward 7 years. Mobile has become the new full computing platform. Several bloggers talk about how they have been using mobile only for the past year for everything.

When you adopt mobile and expand to the total user experience: apps, on network file storage, instant messaging and virtual desktop its time to stop looking at your mobile devices as just email, contacts and calendar.

Suddenly your easy Windows end user computing staff has to be morph into ninja smartphone experts. They are now required to know what model, os, carrier, free memory, downloaded apps, and whether or not the earth is experiencing solar flares or the leaves on the trees that line the Parkway are still on the tree.

Anyone that has supported mobile phones knows exactly what the above means. In today’s support world though our help desk is asked to treat these devices as mini computers. However they are much more.

Mobile has become its own support platform. So how will you structure your support? Just because you adopt byox doesn’t mean your support ends.

Look at all of the functionality that your organization has put on a mobile device. What does it take to support these same features on a laptop? Take that level of support and triple it. The mobile ecosystem has evolved and it’s time we give it the attention and proper support that’s needed.