Mobile strategy: whats in your wallet?

When we start a mobile strategy many business, end user and technology requirements are used to form the outcome. However, the question that seems to get missed is, have you looked at the bigger picture?

As we archtects and strategists work through the current needs we often over look the point of next. Meaning yes we looked at this groups requirements and built out a solution/strategy to meet their needs. Did we stop and look around? 

Its like learning to drive, did we see the car in our blind spot? How about the dog running into the street? We are always so focused on delivery that we forget the impacts around us.

Before delivering a strategy take a moment to ask who does this impact outside of the current need? Can this strategy be used for others? What changes in the near future if we implement this today?

Strategists are like fortune tellers. Our goal is to figure out what is needed before we are asked for it. Our thinking must be agile yet calculated. Knowing whats coming in technology as well as how that technology can be applied to your companies initiatives known and unknown will allow you to have explored it before a business partner or leader reads it and asks about the new capability. It is how we stay on the top of our game and prepared to keep companies mobile first.

So what tools are in your strategy wallet?