Mobile First. What is it, how do we get there

So I have recently taken a break from my Twitter chats. Reading sensless reposts of posts on Facebook. And dare I say it, shunned my daily digs into mobile news channels. Why might you ask? Well it’s because of the newly coined term Mobile First.

As my peers and friends might know we talk incessantly about being bleeding edge or BYO*. What I have come to embrace though is the notion of exactly how much time, effort, thought, rethought, long hours and fights with HR, Security, Operations and Legal are intrinsically entwined in being ‘Mobile First ‘.

I started this journey of change as an underground idea of what it could be if they just let me do ‘it’ the right way. The ‘it’ in this story is mobility. After a failed effort by my predecessor to bring in new devices to the enterprise, I walked into a whirl wind of old ideas and even older policies. Let me begin by telling you I preach several ideological points when I’m asked about ‘it’.
First about EMM: What worked for one company, doesn’t mean it will work here.
Two about the technology: Speak intelligently and use the correct terms and definitions.
Three about the users: Users are not unlike children, they get upset if they don’t understand it and you cannot force them to do something they don’t want to do.
Four about BYOD: It’s a personal choice, not a mandatory. It is not a cost save, but rather an enhancement to productivity. It is not BYO-iOS device, see first point.

So let’s move on and get to the point. Mobile First is the ideological notion that we, as savvy mobile users, would rather pick up our phone or tablet instead of a laptop or desktop. 

What are the requirements to actually prefer mobile to anything else?
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